Lamp Spy Camera System at Gamble Cheat


The lamp spy camera system is a good way to win the poker games easily. The spy camera can be fixed inside all kinds of lamps to help you cheat secretly. Now, I will specify it in details.

The lamp spy camera system is very excellent in cheating. It includes a spy camera, transmitter and a TV on the background. Used in cheating, the lamp spy camera is special for reading the back marked cards that can not be read by our naked eyes and IR contact lenses. This is a good advantage to ensure the cheating to be operated more secretly. After reading the marked cards, the lamp spy camera will send the signal to the transmitter that will covey the information of cards to the TV. And the suit and point of cards will be shown on the TV. Finally, you will know the poker face in advance and play the following poker sections with more confidence and caution.

If you have an interest in our lamp spy camera system for your poker games like Texas and Blackjack, please contact us for more details. 


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