AKK K20 Poker analyzer for Texas holdem


AKK K20 Poker analyzer, the most suitble device for Texas holdem poker game. In this analyzer, there is a Texas holdem poker game program installed, from the program, you will know the winner hand, or the first and second winner hand or each winner hand rank, meanwhile, you can know the suits and values of flop. Thanks to the remote control, it becomes very convenience to change the number of players secretly.

The distance of the analyzer to the camera can be 5 meters. With very strong wireless signal. For some special occation, you can put analyzer far away. From analyzer to earpiece, the distance can be 70cm, so you can put the analyzer into trousers pocket.

There are many other programs in the analyzer, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, read cards one-by-one. For read cards one by one, you can set how many cards read each time, you will hear all deck cards by using remote control.

The battery for this analyzer is changeable, you can change it after the battery used up. The battery life for this is about 3 hours.

This kind of analyzer need outside camera to work with. Such as phone camera, lighter camera, car key camera, music box camera etc, both short distance and long distance.

The settings for this analyzer is the easist. Only some code is enough. Even a first time user can manage it well.

With steady system and powerful funcation, you are worth to have such a device for your Texas Holdem poker game!


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