HD Shirt Button Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer


The HD shirt button camera lens for the poker analyzer can help you master the card playing games in a more easier way. Let me introduce this camera in details.

1. The camera is very mini inside the shirt button so that others will not notice it at all, and its HD feature can ensure the side marked cards to be read clearly at any angle even under a dim light.

2. With the powerful reading function, the HD shirt button camera is able to scan the marked cards with 100% accuracy.

3. It can send the codes of marked cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed and it is suitable for all poker analyzers in the world.

4. The scanning distance of the shirt button camera is 1-12 cm, which is the best distance for the  you. The battery of the shirt camera can last for 4 hours and it is changeable.

If you want to choose a good camera lens for your poker analyzer, the HD shirt button camera lens is a better choice for you.


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