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Cellphone Barcode Marked Cards Scanner

The cellphones available from our company, iPhone, Samsung and Nokia, can be used for two purposes: one for contact-making, and the other for poker cheat.

In daily life, you can use our cellphones to make calls, send texts and surf Internet etc. in daily life.

While playing poker, you can use them to scan barcode marked cards. We usually hide a poker camera lens inside our cellphones, turning them into barcode marked cards scanners. The camera lens is fixed on the side of the cellphones, too concealable to be discovered by other people.

Turn the camera lens on before you play poker games. Let it towards the barcode marked cards ( Normally, as long as the distance between the former and the latter is within 30 to 50cm, it will scan the cards quickly, accurately and stably, but if you prefer wider scanning distance, we can make it for you as well. )

After the scanning, the camera lens will collect the cards’ information and then transfer the data to a poker analyzer, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. As soon as the poker analyzer finishes analyzing the data, you will hear the poker results through the mini earpiece in your ear. In this case, nobody else but you can know the poker results in advance.

If you are interested in our cellphone barcode marked cards scanner, welcome to contact us for it!

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